3 min readMay 3, 2020


Pet dogs marketplace is a big community that needs the intervention of the blockchain to help improve the welfarism of the pet dogs all over the world. The breeding of dogs and the knowledge of how to successfully understand them easily is what Dogdata will help dog owners to achieve. This is why all dog lovers and owners should pay attention to what I will be saying about this project as it concerns them in order to experience a better way of caring for their dog pets more than the way it has always been done.


Dogdata is using the power of the blockchain to assist dog owners in getting the perfect welfare for their dogs. This will be actualized through microchip form of identification and a planned digital method of getting them vaccinated or immunized to keep them in the perfect state of health. However, the platform moves further to establish a token system and a gamified rewarding concept which makes caring for the dog pets easier and less costly.


The community has designed its token which is the ERC721 and ERC 20 token to be used in the ecosystem by the dog owners and other dog specialist. There will be discount for the members through the use of the tokens.

There is a marketplace created to enable the perfect dog deals through the use of smart contracts and the use of cryptocurrency.

Also, all the information about every dog in the world can be safely kept and they can be linked to their families for easy health care and the study of their differences.

This program aims to provide an organised system of operation for dog owners to initiate any operation that has to do with their dogs welfare. However, the major problems that dog breeders and owners face will be eliminated.

The financial model too has been created and the entire team has got their heads straight to make sure the business model is verified and useful. All the tools are already established in the community for all dog owners to reduce spending on their dogs while they get the perfect services.

New dog owners can acquire new knowledge and interact well with the dog breeders in the decentralized community without missing out on the best practices. Dog cares will be improved this way while the available tools would be leveraged to establish a trustworthy deal.

New algorithm is also made available fornthe breeding knowledge so that all experts involved can make use of their experience to improve on the breeding standard and put an end to the defectiveness which normally arise when breeding dogs.


It is so beautiful to know that all the existing challenges and wrongs can be corrected with Dogdata and that gives me so much joy to share to you. Now we all can train, care and enjoy breeding dogs without any more anxiety because Dogdata is now in charge. Please watch out for this project.

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