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Technological advancements made it possible for people to make use of different approaches to facilitate communication. The invention of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and bots now made it easier to reduce the traditional model of working, and at the same time, making communication seamless.

For many people, understanding how AI and Chatbots work can be a daunting task. More so, purchasing or investing in AI and bots may be difficult because of the challenging methods that are associated with them.

In consideration of the fact that the blockchain technology was designed to make life easier for many people, it became a stress-free task to incorporate the features of the OLPORTAL platform as ways of ensuring that the blockchain technology is harnessed in the adoption of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


You would agree that under the centralized system, Chatbots are often regulated by the owners. Platforms, such as Facebook have a way of frustrating your efforts at using bots.

In the light of these restrictions that are characterized by the centralized approaches, it now becomes imperative for the OLPORTAL platform to introduce the decentralized variant.

You may be wondering what the decentralization of Chatbots’ usage means. Here are some of the key takeaways that come with the decentralized use of Chatbots and AI on the broader OLPORTAL ecosystem.

1: Freedom of Expression

Contrary to the restricted means of communication in the centralized models, you can be able to communicate freely. The basis of the OLPORTAL-backed Chatbots ensures that the bots are immutable and not controlled by some parties.

It will also interest you to know that the freedom of expression as guaranteed here is because nobody can block your account. You are entirely in control. Wouldn’t you like to have such freedom when using Chatbots to automate your communication?

2: Chatbots Will Now Be Attractive

Before now, the adoption of Chatbots has been on the decrease because of the obvious security threats, which are characterized by the potential use of Personal Information/data.

However, now that the OLPORTAL platform is here, there is every assurance that Chatbots will become more attractive than they have been.

Some of the factors that will trigger the adoption and attractiveness of Chatbots are the decentralization, speed of communication, and the cost-effectiveness.

3: You’ll Maintain Your Rights to Intellectual Property

Contrary to the incursion and inordinate use of your Personal Information/data under the centralized and current approaches to Chatbots usage; the OLPORTAL platform offers you the opportunity you have been looking for.

By signing up for and using the Chatbots and AI provided via this platform, you will be able to maintain all the rights to your data and artifacts. That way, there will be no incidences of losing your data.


The OLPORTAL platform is an ideal platform to kick-start your new sojourn into the Chatbots and AI industry.

Aside from the coverage you will be getting, you will also be getting cost-effective and pocket-friendly Chatbots and AI tools via the OLMarket.








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