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The blockchain technology’s dubbing as the “disruptive technology” is not unconnected to the fact that the technology has been able to disrupt and reinvent the traditional ways of doing things.

It is no longer business as usual because the different networks that have been in place for long are now witnessing different paradigm shifts as facilitated by the blockchain technology. More interesting is that the use of the blockchain technology has helped many sectors of the global economy to flourish the more. From the banking sector to the supply chain management industry and down to the logistics and order fulfillment industry, the positive impacts of the blockchain technology are felt.


It is time to explore some of the ways the application of the blockchain technology can help in bolstering the global financial ecosystem. Instead of the previous centralized approach that was monopolized by the banks, it is now time to look for feasible ways of making use of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) (aka the blockchain technology) to change the way of doing business, especially in the banking sector.


The Hex blockchain is that blockchain network with a difference. With the user-centric features it has to offer and the many other benefits that the users stand to benefit from, there is no doubt that the Hex blockchain is the best place to be as far as decentralized banking is concerned.


The Hex blockchain has many features, but some of them will be discussed below so you will gain clarity about what the project and platform aims at achieving.

Below are some of the attributes of the Hex blockchain, and these are also some of the features that will convince you of the awesome of the platform.

1: Promotion of Staking

Staking is a way that cryptocurrency investors will be able to deposit or stake their crypto coins for some time so that they can make some money at the end of the fixed term. It is similar to the Fixed Deposit feature used by the banks. But, the primary difference between the Staking procedure and the Fixed Deposit option is that Fixed Deposits are centralized and controlled by other people, while the Staking process cannot be controlled by anybody.

To that end, the Hex blockchain is looking at the different mediums and approaches that can be explored in order to bring Fixed Deposits to the blockchain platform. In this instance, it will be making use of a decentralized and faster approach to ensure that the staking and Fixedly Deposits of crypto coins are done in a transparent and risk-free manner.

2: Stakers and Investors are the Primary Target

Out of all the different features offered by the Hex blockchain, the staking and Fixed Deposit of crypto coins remains one of the most robust approaches it is using to bolster the high interest basis behind it.

More so, it is important to point that the staking process is designed to favour the investors, aka stakers. It is so because of many reasons and the ones pointed out below will help you understand it better:

  • First, if cryptocurrency investors were to invest their crypto funds, they will be giving room for risks, such as volatile market, and unexpected price changes.
  • Some crypto investors, after watching the crypto-sphere, have decided to focus on the purchase of mining equipment that they will use to facilitate the mining of new crypto coins.

Out of the above, the main point is that there are increased chances of losing your funds, either because of the price changes or the inability to use your mining equipment to make good returns.

3: The Price Positive Game Theory (PPGT)

The Price Positive Game Theory (PPGT) of the Hex blockchain is designed to underscore the importance of the Hex high interest capacities.

PPGT is there to work in various ways in order to continually buoy the increase in the price of the Hex crypto coin. It will also be looking at the ways to bolster the adoption of the broader Hex project.

One feature that stands out in the Price Positive Game Theory (PPGT) of the Hex blockchain is the soft spot it has for specific things. For example, it promises to offer more rewards to those users and investors who stake more crypto coins. It also extends the same generosity to those investors that will stake for longer periods, as well to the investors that will invite or refer their friends to take the same action.

4: Whale Penalty

If you are an ardent follower of the happenings in the cryptocurrency community, you must have understood that there are some investors that are monopolistic. They are called the Whales.

The concept behind the Whales is that they continually look for some openings and opportunities that they can take advantage of to usurp the chances of other investors. For example, they can buy up a greater percentage of the available crypto coins and Alternative Coins (Altcoins), so that the other investors will have few to buy. They also replicate that action by investing later when they are sure that the market looks good to profit.

The Whales are looking to make profits only and are not ready to take the risk or walk the tight ropes. They are after ready-made solutions, which they can simply take advantage of to make profits at the expense of those that have been there for long.

The Hex blockchain understands the bad effects the actions of the Whales will be having on other investors. That is why it came up with the Whale Penalty. The Whale Penalty is a concept that entails punishing or fining the Whales when they go wrong, such as investing late. When they do that, the Hex blockchain will take part of their funds that were involved later to credit the earlier investors.


The Hex blockchain is the platform that can give you value for your cryptocurrency investments. Sign up today to start enjoying the amazing benefits that come with it!


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