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It is common knowledge that anything that has to do with “pool” in the blockchain industry is meant to be collation of resources to achieve a common goal. The same can be said of Leasehold, which is now on the way to becoming the world’s first property mining pool.

The idea is that many properties will be made available on the platform and the interested investors can buy the Leasehold Token (LSH) and use the same to invest in the properties.

This concept is commendable considering that many people have been looking for how to generate tons of income by venturing into real estate. With the scandals and the scams that are tenable in many conventional real estate climes, the move is not out of place. Once you are investing in the property mining pool provided by Leasehold, you can be confident that you have made the right investment.

If we look closely at the concepts behind Leasehold, it is already clear what it is all about. It is more like saying “Lease” and “Hold.” It means that the investors are allowed to get properties on Lease basis, which means that the properties will be on a short-term basis. Therefore, at the end of the short-term rental or “hold,” the property will be returned to the company, Leasehold Holdings.

Now, Leasehold is more concerned with the short-term property rental income more than anything else. The following reasons explain why that is so:

1: Shorter Time Equals Faster Action
Because the investors or those who got the properties on lease have a limited time, they will be trying so hard to carry out their businesses in good time to make profits and pay for the lease.

Therefore, the short-term property rental income basis used by Leasehold will trigger more action and pace on the part of the investors.

2: Immediate Profits
You don’t have to wait for a decade or more for the value of your investments in real estate to increase. Leasehold Holdings, the company behind Leasehold has made it possible for you to get “immediate” profits.

All you need do is to buy the Leasehold Token (LSH), use it to acquire a specific share of the available properties, and once such properties have been listed, leased, and start bringing in returns, you will get your profits instantly.

Indeed, Leasehold is based on the blockchain technology. However, it doesn’t solely rely on the blockchain network to start and finish its property investments.

Instead, the parent company, Leasehold Holdings has gone out of its way to liaise with leading property bigwigs, such as and AirBnB. The reasons for this move are:

1: Instant Adoption
The likes of AirBnB and have been in the global rental and property management industry for many years. They know what works and what doesn’t. Likewise, those brands have a cult-like following, which means that the customer and user-base is high.

Hence, the best thing for Leasehold to do in order to gain massive adoptions is to liaise with these brands. That it has successfully done.

2: Reduced Costs on Technicalities
Leasehold will not have to break a bank to be able to set up the needed infrastructure for its operations. By collaborating with AirBnB,, HouseME, and NightsBridge, the company will spend less.

For example, it doesn’t have to engage in much advert because it can make use of the current customer base of its partnered companies.

Second, Leasehold will not have to work round the clock to ensure that the availability of properties is confirmed in good time. Instead, it makes use of the availability tools provided by NightsBridge to do that.

Third, Leasehold doesn’t have to spend more on facilitating property bookings. The tools provided by ensure that the prospective property bookers will be linked to Leasehold via the shared calendar system to be provided by

3: Affordable and Accurate Pricing
Nobody likes to be cheated out in business. The same applies to both the property renters/leasers and the property owners.

To that end, the collaboration between Leasehold and HouseME will prove beneficial. HouseME will be responsible for providing on-the-spot assessment of properties and to use the unique pricing tool to determine the actual value/price of properties listed via the platform.

If you are wondering about why you should choose or select Leasehold as your best property manager, here are some reasons why you should do so.

1: Security
Leasehold is not only backed by the blockchain technology. The platform and company also publishes live data on the platform. The data is based on the rental incomes that the company has been able to get over time.

Besides, the members of the broader Leasehold ecosystem will be able to access this data, access the available properties on the platform, and place their bookings via the Leasehold platform.

2: Network Fees
All transactions on Leasehold will attract some fees. According to the team, the idea of using network fees is to make sure that spam is not rampant on the platform.

To that end, Leasehold has dedicated fees that must be paid before the completion of transactions. For example, 0.1 LSH is needed for sending an LSH transaction.

On the other hand, 5 Leasehold Token (LSHs) is required for the registration of multiple signature groups. 25 Leasehold Tokens (LSHs) is needed for the registration of a new delegate to the platform. A total of 5 Leasehold Tokens (LSHs) must be paid before a second passphrase can be registered.

3: Decentralized Exchange
To wrap it up, Leasehold has a dedicated Decentralized Exchange (DEX), which serves as the primary medium for trading the Leasehold Tokens (LSHs).

Leasehold is on a commendable mission to create a viable ecosystem for the acquisition, the leasing, and the renting of properties.

With the properties of Leasehold in place, it will now be safer, faster, and affordable to invest in the global real estate industry.


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