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Having come up on the blockchain makes a lot of sense especially at this time on the blockchain where reward and earnings are the yardstick for accepting projects which of course is not a bad motive. The team of Mozart finance are however proud to put this platform up on the blockchain, they are making it available to the public as a pure class of crypto project that has come to improve the blockchain community.


This platform has a little in common with many pancake swap project on the blockchain, it is more like a fork of those other swap project but yet better off and of greater characteristics as a Defi project that is made to run on the blockchain. It has so many features integrated into it to give users the perfect platform where they can earn tokens and win when they stake and accumulate more funds.

Through this innovation, the team will be able to achieve a token with a stable price and be proud to have gotten a deflated token which will be seen as a symphony. It is providing a token, a native token for that matter called the PIANO token to provide the stability in the price. This will add so much value to the platform even though the intention is not to replace the exchange or swap. The objective is to improve the entire system and give people a better way to optimize the yield farm and have a higher APR that will keep growing.


This platform will never be a party to scam, people will get what they deserve and win every day as they farm different tokens. The importance of the token created in this platform is to achieve sustainable long term project in DEFI, growing the community and helping the platform achieve its goals. This platform will not disappoint the users in anyway, they will always have greater importance that will bring out excellence in the users.

For security, it offers a liquidity that will be locked for 8 months, it makes the security priority and ensure perfect auditing as it uses smart contracts to ensure etgat the audits are in control and perfectly done.

It features a great burn mechanism and ensure the constant burning of 1% of the transactions as they are initiated by the users. Users will be able to buy back tokens when they need to using their deposited fees. However, all the tokens that remains unsold will be burnt randomly while the liquidity token will remain locked.


The tokens will be useful to users even while they stake, however, the users can become a symphonist as they farm the PIANO token and attain the highest APR. This is what will set them apart from others in other projects. There would be a lot more possibilities like betting, staking and lending of cryptocurrencies. Now you have the opportunity to change your finances, win more and become stronger on the blockchain through MozartFinance.

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