3 min readJul 15, 2020



Education is one of the most important of all sectors in the world and can also be seen as the oldest because of its agelong existence and how it has kept growing ever since. Despite this growth, there is still quite a lot to do to make this industry better. This is important because education is one of the main element of development in a country. So having discovered the loopholes in the sector, especially in developing countries, the team behind Unifinity project thought it good enough to provide assistance to Education using the blockchain way.


This is a project which perfectly tokenizes the system of education of schools through the way it involves the immutable ledger technology. This is just a trusted and convenient way of solving the major challenges faced with the sector. UNIFINITY will be helping students, schools and parents to have a new way of seeing education as it would be enhanced greatly with the digital provisions that will ensure transparency and trust. So as a beneficiary of this platform, you can enroll as a student, parent or even as a school authority and be in the best position to make things work out for the sector. UNIFINITY will ensure the following usecases or goals are met;

For students registered in it, they would have a way to secure their certificates of any level and be able to sponsor their education with easy following special laid down instructions.

The students, parents or universities involved will be given their own identities and would be recognized for what they are even as they uphold their values.

Payments would be strictly by the rules of the blockchain, the various options would be available to everyone attached in one way or another.

There are ways of sponsoring the education of students such that some deserving students that needs help gets the assistance they need per time. UNIFINITY makes this network a rewarding one that places a price or reward for special performance and helps parents to be a well meaning partner.


UNIFINITY makes so many people to emerge as partners, ready to contribute to the growth of the sector. It also brings together all the partners and make them have access to the needed tools that would make it easier for them to be actively involved or committed to the system.

The blockchain features will be useful and would be a tool for them to really come together to make a difference in the sector. UNIFINITY is most compactible with all kinds of portable devices that can access the internet in their own simple way i.e it is moderate in it’s consumption of data


There will be a marked difference between the system of operation of this blockchain based solution because all the problems associated with the education sector such as fraud, fake registration and many more amongst other would not be possible with the form of transparency achieved by UNIFINITY. So it is sure that this platform will transform the schooling system, the way Universities and all operates to the advantage of those concerned.


AUTHOR: Goldada